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Friday, 25 May 2012

Waste Not

I went to this art installation at the Barbican aaaages ago, but never got around to posting!  It's on until the 12th of June,  so I thought I should pop it up, incase you think it's worth a visit!

Chinese artist Song Dong, has artfully arranged all the collections of items his mother collected over 5 decades, subscribing to a Chinese mantra "Waste Not", which was crucial to surviving during the tough times. 

Perhaps poignant, as we are facing, or indeed are in, an age of austerity.  

Also quite reminds me of my late grandmother's "art room" which was filled with organised bits and bobs, in marked tins and shoeboxes.  So I quite liked it.

It's in the Barbican's Curve Gallery, which is free!  

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