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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Galleries, galleries!

It seems I have really had my fill of galleries this weekend!  Firstly, I was lucky enough to be invited to the private view of the Courthauld's biennial contemporary art exhibition, Material Matters.  The students select artists and invite them to show their work throughout the corridors of the institution.  My favourite piece was the colourful strung piece in Staircase II by Gabriel Dawe, called Plexus no.11.  It's gorgeous.  You must go and see it.  The exhibition is open on the last Saturday of each month, from Feb 2012 to June 2013.  So you've got time...

Then on Saturday,  I went to see the Building the Revlution: Soviet art and architecture 1915 - 1935 at the Royal Academy of Arts.  I love a bit of Soviet architecture.  Really strong and also a bit delusional.  There were photographs of the buildings as they are today, alongside of photos of when they were originally built.  The modern photos are often very large, so you kind of feel as if you are in the space.   There were gorgeous paintings by Popova also, and her contemporary artists.  It was packed though, so if you are going, I'd go soon, and early.... worth the visit.

I also popped along to Dover Street Market, to see the Chapman Brothers new installation, and browse painfully beautiful clothes... one can dream!  I guess I'm not a huge fan of the Chapman Brothers, but still find their work fascinating, ever since I was introduced to their work at the Sensations exhibition in the 90's.  I wish I still had that catalogue! 

Courthauld  - Material Matters

Building the Revolution

Dover Street Market

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Blue Sky

I was lucky enough to be driven to Richmond Park this weekend, to take advantage of the beautiful weather.  Even though I really miss Bermuda's greenery, I can't help but love the silhouettes made by leafless trees in the winter here.

Just a few pics from the day. Ice was starting to form on the ponds, and there were stags everywhere.. but no sign of Fenton!  (if you've ever seen the you tube video?)

Forgotten Spaces

As usual, I've been massively busy and left going to see the "Forgotten Spaces" exhibition at Somerset House, 'till very late.  But if you have a chance, pop down and see it before it finishes before the end of the month! It is the result of a competition put on by the RIBA, asking people (professionals and public) to think of uses for neglected or forgotten spaces, through out  the capital.  Inspiring entries included a salmon run, a growing pharmacy, a place to fix your broken bits and pieces and homes for bees!  

All the entries displayed are of fantastic quality of presentation, and they are shown in Somerset Houses' very own forgotten spaces, coal holes and a weird crypt like area underneath the building (I've posted one of the headstones they incorporated into the wall).  It was a bit spooky as I was there just after dusk, so it felt like an adventure discovering it!  Cam Jarvis, a designer I had the pleasure of working with, was exhibited with her design partner, Chris Blaydes.  Well done guys!

Monday, 2 January 2012

Reasons to get up in the morning...

I was just in Bermuda for the holidays, and between my early morning runs to Regent's Park in London, and down to Devonshire Bay in Bermuda, I believe I am very fortunate.  Just thought I'd share a few pics of what gets me out of bed, back home.  The strong forms of the plants in Bermuda really remind me of Georgia O'Keeffe.  Must find some time to try and draw/paint in the new year!