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Thursday, 27 December 2012

Bermuda Mash-Up

Home again for Christmas on what was originally known as the Devil's Isles, due to the unknown noises which passing sailors heard at night (wild hogs were the culprits).

Anything but hellish, I've always been inspired by the nature of Bermuda, from days growing up camping on the islands, to time spent at the Biological Station working as a student on marine projects.

So I've just done a few sketch images of some of what inspires me from a walk I did last week.  I'm thinking of developing some of these into textiles for a project I'm working on... watch this space.

Monday, 10 December 2012

Shunt - The Architects

We went to see The Architects: Shunt at the the Biscuit Factory last week.  

A cross between Theseus and the Minatour and a cruise from Hell, it was an enjoyable immersive theatre experience.  Although I'm still not sure what exactly everything was about.  And I'm pretty sure elements of it were gratuitous.

No photography allowed, but I'd say that it would ruin it for you if I did post some.  I loved the bar, which doubled as a stage for the majority of the play.  The whole evening was a complete departure from reality, which is pretty hard to find without the aide of alternative substances (so I've heard).  

Anyhow, I'd recommend it, if you are open to new things, and are pretty up for performance art.    Otherwise, don't bother, you'll be confused, annoyed that you went all the way to Bermondsey to see it, and cold.  Very cold. 

Smells like home

I was reading an article in the FT last week, about Scent and Architecture.  How the smell of homes had changed over the years, as the way we live our lives changes.

For example, the smell of an open fire would be typical of a home a hundred years ago, but now not so much.  And do you really feel at "home" when there is new carpet smell?   My Aunt's house had been re-done about 3 years ago, and I'm certain one of the rooms smells the same as it did when I was 5.  I just can't quite put my finger on it...

Missing my homeland of Bermuda, I'm wondering if I can design in some scent into spaces that will make it smell like home.  

I'm working on a concept bar at the minute, based around the elements which make Bermuda unique.  So when I go to the islands for Christmas, I'm going to take note of whatever theses scents are.  Off the top of my head, salt, open fires and .... mildew.  It's so humid there!  And of course, my mum's baked ham. 

Should we be designing with scent, as well as colour?  And for that matter, what about sound?    Watch this space...