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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Enlightenment Café

Went to the fantastic Enlightenment Café tonight, in the Old Vic Tunnels!

A fantastic immersive experience, you are invited to wander through the space, meeting with various characters, experts in their fields, from Victorian times, in little rooms, where they teach you a nugget of information.  Or lots.  

Originating from the Coffee Houses of the 17th century, Enlightenment Cafés (also known as Penny Universities) were ‘theatres of exchange’ and social hubs for new thinking in science, philosophy, politics and arts - places where ideas came together and bubbled with excitement.  LAStheatre brings this concept into the 21st century and promises it will be just as intellectually promiscuous.

Tonight I learnt about astro-physics and solar storms (and if you see sparkly things in your eyes, that means there's loads of radiation about, so best get the hell outta there!), spherical geometry, hyperbolic geometry, arsenic poisoning, and how to lay a table.

There were soap box lectures, "tag" debating and some sort of fireworks expert, which annoyingly I missed!  Top tip, sign up to stuff as soon as you get in, if you want to see something in particular, as some of it has limited space.

Only on for a few more days, well worth a trip, my cheeks were hurting I was smiling so much!  You can tell the team put in loads of effort pulling it all together.  Everyone was really enjoying themselves.

Just great, chatting to people, and learning something.  All the actors were great, staying in character the whole time.  Sadly I missed the musical acts, as have a super early start in the morning.

It's only on till the 3rd of June!  Don't know if there are many tickets left, but worth trying!

Pics are a bit blurry  ... iPhone.... dark spaces... but you get the gist!

and of course.... a spot of graffiti!  Old Vic Tunnels, always good to see the new works.  

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