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Monday, 20 August 2012

South Bank Reality Check

Moseyed along South bank this weekend, and came across this outdoor photography exhibition by Tom Stoddart.  This reportage exhibition highlights the suffering of those less fortunate than us, around the globe.

Next time I moan about not having enough cashish for that gorgeous dress in Anthropologie, I'm going to think about the starving Sudanese child whose maize is being stolen by a healthy Sudanese man.  

Worth a look, if you are that way. We are all very lucky.

Maltby Street Market

Sunshine in London has seemed far too rare this year, so I tried to make the most of it this weekend! 

On Saturday, I explored Maltby Street Market with the good people from Lalani & Co, exquisite tea purveyors.  The Market was born from the industrial baking sites of top London Cafe's and Restaurants.  

First stop was Bea's of Bloomsbury, where we destroyed some very tasty pancakes and french toast.   Probably too much, as I was then totally stuffed, and the rest of the markets delicacies were a bit wasted on me.  

I did try some fantastic cheese from Neil's Yard Dairy, excellent organic wine, as well as some amazing smoked salmon, from a vendor on the Rope Walk.

Some how, it all felt a little bit New York, as well as being much more relaxing experience than Borough Market.

A bit of a walk from London Bridge, but totally worth it.  Next time, I'm bringing a bigger appetite and more cash....

Summer Sun - Bermuda

Apologies for the very large gap in Blog posts!  July was a busy work month for me, as well as getting ready for my trip to Bermuda to see family and friends.

I definitely stop to smell the roses more in Bermuda.   And I'm always struck by the beautiful details that come from nature there. 

This time, I was taken out on a boat trip to "The Vixen" a ship wreck, off Sandys Parish.   The Captain of the boat gave us bread to feed the fish, and it was a frenzy!  Also saw about 10 turtles and an Eagle Ray.  They didn't photograph so well...

Anywhere, here are a few of my favourite shots, as well as one from my late Grandmother's porch.  How many different blues can you spot in that one?