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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

My house, your house, Bauhaus

The long awaited Bauhaus exhibition has opened at the Barbican, here in London!  I went along to check it out yesterday, along with hundreds of other people.  Very busy!  

I found the exhibition informative, and interesting, but LOTS of information.  It felt kind of like a scrapbook, there were informal photos of students and faculty, and it was great to see the extent the movement reached, through from architecture through to theatre. 

What happens with theatre design these days?  Perhaps looking at "movements" is easier in retrospective, but I really feel disconnected with theatre as a designer.  

My definite favourites were the textile designs, saturated watercolours, wood cuts, lithographs and Kandinsky paintings (on loan from MoMA).

As usual, gallery police, so you'll have to get down there yourself to have a proper look, but worth the trip.

Lots to take in, possibly too much.  I left the exhibition feeling a bit more educated, but not particularly inspired.  But you've got to see it really.  And it's just my opinion....

Top tip... book tickets in advance, cheaper, and no waiting!  Link below.

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