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Monday, 14 May 2012

British Design 1948-2012

On Sunday, I went to the British Design Exhibition at the V&A.  It was fantastic.  
It was easily one of the best exhibitions I've seen this year, and I would encourage you to go and see it.

I loved all of the post-war, brutalist work, along with the fabulous drawings and paintings which came out of that time period.  The 60's..... not such a huge fan, but loved the punk-era, and all the avant-garde fashion.  

I even saw a bit of Damien again, there was a room dedicated to his collaboration to produce the Restaurant/Bar "Pharmacy" in Notting Hill (closed now).

The exhibition was capped off with a huge model of the Concorde (would have LOVED to have flown on that....) and computer games, including Grand Theft Auto. 

It's great, after lusting after beautiful furniture from Italy, France and Scandinavia in Milan last month, to be reminded of all the fantastic design produced here in the UK.

As usual, no photos allowed, but I really think you should go it for yourself. 

The V&A did a fantastic job pulling together lots of great pieces from across the years, providing a fascinating exhibition.

I actually felt much more patriotic after going to this, than I did last week... when I went to Windsor Castle to see  a massive Parade of Horses in honour of the Queen.  Mind you, the fact I was covered in mud (bad shoe choice!  Should've worn wellies!) might have had something to do with it.

And of course, I topped it all off with a tea in the gorgeous cafe.... gotta love it!

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