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Monday, 30 December 2013

Shanghai, China

Shanghai is my first foray into mainland China! I am well aware that it was a "soft" introduction, but I still found it fascinatingly different to anywhere I had been before.  Less lux than Hong Kong, still quite dense and extremely busy and from what I saw, there were more parks and they of course have the Bund which a beautiful promenade where you can admire old European colonial buildings to the West, and the trappings of China's economic boom to the East. 

Amongst meetings and visiting some of the city's newest interiors, I sampled some amazing dim sum, explored the old French Concession, and also visited the Urban Planning Museum in the People's Park.  They had a great show on, which was exhibiting the work of an elderly gentleman.  Mr. He Yu Zhi had made a beautiful set of line drawings detailing life in old Shanghai. The drawings were so atmospheric, that when I had a look around the city, I could tell that even though there were towers where there used to be villas, the essence of the city remained. 

Mix of new and old buildings in all areas of the city

Model of sprawling Shanghai at the Urban Planning Museum

Beautiful Exhibition by Mr. He Yu Zhi

Atmospheric sketches by Mr. He Yu Zhi

Beautiful Streets in the former French Concessions

Alley between Houses in the former French Concession

Dim Sum at an official's residence in the former French Concession

Garden Dragon in camouflage 

View from the Fairmont terrace

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