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Monday, 30 December 2013

Central Markets - Abu Dhabi

Whilst in Abu Dhabi, I went to see the Central Markets development.  A shopping complex modelled on a Traditional Souk, it's atmosphere is in sharp contrast to the malls in Dubai.  The second phase of the development was just opened when I was there, so it was perfect timing! I worked mostly on the prayer rooms and the Residential Tower. The tower is still unfinished, so sadly I didn't get to have a look around that.  All in all, it was pretty exciting to visit something I had worked on for so long! 

The towers!  (Resi is on the left)

Traditional Arabic patterns and screening incorporated into the facade,
making the building stand apart from other developments.

One of the streets... looks better than the renders! 

Lovely poetic outdoor spaces for the "outdoor" season which starts in November.

A detail of beautiful glass windows with traditional patterns.

Open areas break out from the "souk" streets, allowing for restaurants and play areas.

Still a lovely atmosphere at night

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