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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Masdar, Future City! Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi has held a place close to my heart for many years since I had the privilege of working on two major projects in the Emirate during my time at Foster and Partners.  En route to my hotel from Dubai, I stopped by the first phase of Masdar City.  This project had the aspiration to be the worlds first zero carbon city. 

With many technical and physical design elements contributing to low energy consumption, it is truly well on it's way. From dense building areas, to a wind tower which creates "natural" air conditioning in the streets, it's great to see an example of how we can build better low carbon communities.

Desert-Living creates a huge strain on traditional electrical supplies,
even when oil is in abundance!  Masdar aims to be at the
forefront of low-carbon energy solutions.

Model of the Development

Automated Personal Rapid Transport (aka PRT)

No tracks, the mini-cars charge at the docking stations,
 and take you to your chosen destination.

Narrow streets create shade, reducing the amount of
air-conditioning needed.

Terracotta Screens with Arabic Patterns create a beautiful
new vernacular for the city.

Striking Buildings, beautiful textures and patterns
 are characteristic of the development.
Wind Towers are an integral part of traditional Abu Dhabi houses.
Here they have created a large scale version, which catches
the wind and channels it through the streets, in the same
way air is moved around the house.

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