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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Bright Lights

I finally got to see the Light Show at the  Hayward on Good Friday.   

Really fantastic show, but unable to take photos, I can't show you any of the treats inside.  It really was worth the trip though.  We all enjoyed it, arty-types and non-arty-types alike.

Looking at the medium of light art in much more depth, learning about new artists, and seeing a few old favourites (I had seen the Dan Flavin Retrospective there a few years ago).  

Leo Villareal's Cylinder (at the entrance, and on most of the publicity!) was a firm favourite of most of the group, but when we got to Carlos Cruz-Diez' piece, "Chromosaturation" we were pretty blown away.  There were 3 seperate colour chambers (red green blue), and if you spent too long in one, the colour would drain out, your brain, dulling it down.  It is intended to highlight the physicality of colour, and did just that.

The show has been extended to May 6th, so go!  And take your friends.


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