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Friday, 22 June 2012

Gadaffi Archives

I was fortunate enough to go to the opening of the Gadaffi Archives last night, which is part of the London Photography Festival.

A vast collection of photos of Gadaffi, as well as some of his predecessor, King Idriss.

Among other things, I learnt that every IRA bomb that has been made has Libyan Semetex in it.  Tons of it were given to the IRA by Gadaffi as a "gift".

Some of the photographs were documented by brave photographers who lost their life in Libya, and the exhibition is dedicated to them, as well as the Libyan people who lost their lives during his tyrannical regime. 

When you learn a bit more about what these people had to go through, it puts my petty woes to rest.  We are very lucky here in London.

It is only on for 9 days, and is only £7.50 at the Slade on Woburn Square in Fitzrovia.  I highly recommend going if you can.  It's a keen insight to the human rights atrocities that can happen, even by our own government who are being sued by a Libyan who was secretly deported into Gadaffi's hands, and subsequently tortured.

Gadaffi's Manifesto

Notes from Prisoners

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