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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Day trip to Saint Geo

St. George's is one of Bermuda's most beautiful spots. A world heritage site, and the oldest part of the island, it was our capital until it was moved to Hamilton (current capital) because that's where all the smugglers where trading, and therefore, everyone else.  

As I was kind of a tourist in my one homeland, I went up for the afternoon last week, and had a mooch around.

What's great about the town, is that you can see lots of old buildings, which haven't changed since they were built, about 400 years ago.  Painting buildings is a bit more modern (1920's I think?) as the pastel hues of our homes were meant to make the island look a bit more appealing to tourists!

Highlights are the State House (oldest stone building in Bermuda), St Peter's Church (oldest Protestant church in the Western Hemisphere) and the unfinished Church.. which .... didn't get finished.  But it's beautiful!   Fort St. Catherine is a fantastic spot for watching the ships sail in (I actually saw the Tenacious approaching the island, on my ride up there, see post below!).

Our buildings were originally made from limestone carved from our island (aeolian and marine, not very dense like UK limestone, you can see the bits of sand), and our roofs are white, as they are designed to catch water, which then go into tanks under or beside the house, for all our water needs.

The State House

St. Peter's Church

Unfinished Church

Protection from the Spanish!
View from Fort St. Catherine's

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