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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Stratford City Westfield - Open for Business

The long anticipated store design by the team at Dalziel and Pow was unveiled to the public today.  We were all really pleased with the result!  And the masses seemed to like it too.  Congratulations to Primark and all of those involved.  Only one more week left at D&P for me, so I was really glad to have been there for this opening, as I was invovled in the project from concept to completion.  

Lots of new retail design through the centre.  I've chosen just a few to show.  AllSaints, Nike, M&S, and Forever 21, Primark's direct competitor.  Chants could be heard at the opening "Forever, Forever, Forever...."  oh dear.  Couldn't really get around the rest.  It was kind of a health and safety concern, to be honest.  We actually felt the floors flexing.  I'll have to go back some other time and check out the rest.

All Saints
Forever 21

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