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Sunday, 28 August 2011

Tracey and Ron

As per usual, I've left going to see two exhibitions I've wanted to visit all summer, 'till their last weekend.  On Friday night, we went to see Tracey Emin's retrospective, "Love is what you want" at the Hayward, and today, I popped along to See Ron Arad's Installation "Curtain Call" at the Roundhouse in Chalk Farm.

I really enjoyed Tracey Emin's show.  I wasn't sure how I'd like it, I wasn't a huge fan of her "Everyone I've Ever Slept With 1964-1995" at the Sensations Exhibition, but  seeing all her work together really put it in context for me.  It must be extraordinarily difficult to expose yourself on so many levels, especially to the British Public, who are perhaps a little more reserved than most.  Not counting Bermuda, of course.  Then there would have been protests and boycotts of the gallery.  Tracey Emin, Love Is What You Want

Ron Arad's installation at the Roundhouse in Camden was a nice experience.  It was basically a giant 360 degree curtain of hanging silicone rods, with various artists videos being projected onto the backdrop. I have been a fan of his work as a designer/maker, and would love to get to the Design Museum Holon  he built in Israel (, but I wasn't blown away today. Nice videos projections, and an interesting experience, lots of interesting shadows and light patterns. I like how he used the architecture of the building to dictate the installation, and I liked the simplicity. Ron Arad, Curtain Call

Some happy snaps below. As usual, the gallery police were about, so no shots of the show, but it's always great down on Southbank.  Also, still getting to grips with the new camera, so please excuse the lack of focus!  But you get the general idea of what was going on.



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